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Susanne Hindennach is a PhD student in the Perceptual User Interfaces group since June 2020. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science from the University of Osnabrück and a Master’s degree in Clinical and Experimental Neuroscience from the University of Cologne. After her studies, she worked as a data science consultant for three years, where she got her hands on data from various industries. Returning to research, she is interested in understanding and modelling concepts about human interaction such as Theory of Mind.


Machine Perception and Learning (Tutor)Master
Medieninformatik (Teaching Assistant)Bachelor
Medieninformatik (Teaching Assistant)Bachelor
Machine Learning Approaches to Understanding User Behavior (Hauptseminar)Master


Analyzing Neural Attention in Chart Question Answering (M.Sc.) Yingpeng Ma§
The Need to Explore Different Perspectives: Visual Question Answering and its Variability in Replies Caused by Mental States (B.Sc.) Mah-Rukh Chaudhry
A tool for Digitizing the Meal Ordering Process at the Dreifürstensteinschule in Dornstetten (B.Sc.) Ramazan Sarica
An Interactive Information Visualization Tool for Analyzing Relations Between Academic Papers Through User-defined Tags (B.Sc.) Michael Hersam*
*Co-supervised with Nele Quast
§Co-supervised with Yao Wang

Open Thesis Projects

Mind Attribution in RegulationsBachelor/Master
Explain Yourself to Reveal Your MindBachelor/Master


  1. Predicting Next Actions and Latent Intents during Text Formatting

    Predicting Next Actions and Latent Intents during Text Formatting

    Guanhua Zhang, Susanne Hindennach, Jan Leusmann, Felix Bühler, Benedict Steuerlein, Sven Mayer, Mihai Bâce, Andreas Bulling

    Proceedings of the CHI Workshop Computational Approaches for Understanding, Generating, and Adapting User Interfaces, pp. 1–6, 2022.

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