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GazeCast: Using Mobile Devices to Allow Gaze-based Interaction on Public Displays

Omar Namnakani, Penpicha Sinrattanavong, Yasmeen Abdrabou, Andreas Bulling, Florian Alt, Mohamed Khamis

Proc. Communication by Gaze Interaction Symposium (COGAIN), pp. 1–8, 2023.

COGAIN best paper award


Gaze is promising for natural and spontaneous interaction with public displays, but current gaze-enabled displays either require movement-hindering stationary eye trackers or cumbersome head-mounted eye trackers. We propose and evaluate GazeCast - a novel system that leverages users’ personal handheld mobile devices to allow gaze-based interaction with surrounding displays. GazeCast improves gaze interaction on such displays by neither setting limitations on where users have to position themselves nor on the number of concurrent users. In a user study (N = 20), we compared GazeCast to using a standard webcam for gaze-based interaction using Pursuits. We find that while selection using GazeCast requires more time and physical demand, participants value GazeCast’s high accuracy and the flexible positioning. We conclude by discussing how mobile computing can facilitate the adoption of gaze interaction with pervasive displays.



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