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Adapting visualizations and interfaces to the user

Francesco Chiossi, Johannes Zagermann, Jakob Karolus, Nils Rodrigues, Priscilla Balestrucci, Daniel Weiskopf, Benedikt Ehinger, Tiare Feuchtner, Harald Reiterer, Lewis L. Chuang, Marc Ernst, Andreas Bulling, Sven Mayer, Albrecht Schmidt

it - Information Technology, 64(4-5), pp. 133–143, 2022.


Adaptive visualization and interfaces pervade our everyday tasks to improve interaction from the point of view of user performance and experience. This approach allows using several user inputs, whether physiological, behavioral, qualitative, or multimodal combinations, to enhance the interaction. Due to the multitude of approaches, we outline the current research trends of inputs used to adapt visualizations and user interfaces. Moreover, we discuss methodological approaches used in mixed reality, physiological computing, visual analytics, and proficiency-aware systems. With this work, we provide an overview of the current research in adaptive systems.



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